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I can imagine that I’ll post about a few things: writing, ultimate, software development, parenting, python, home repair, finances to name a handful. The main goal is to use this blog as a tool to track my progress on a variety of projects and work through the things that I am exploring.¬†Over time I can use this to direct my learning, as well as reflect back on missteps, dead ends, and interesting paths that have opened up.

Here are a few projects that I would like to work on. These are on the technical spectrum, but I’ll use them as guideposts to get started. Not in any particular order.

  • API (docs)
  • Python
    • If I could get to a point where I can put together some Slack bot scripts and a link checker, I’d be pleased.
  • Create a new website
  • Blog about progress
    • Opportunity to improve my writing as well as track my learning.
  • Create a server
    • Why not?
  • Create GitHub repo w/projects
    • I’ve been introduced to GitHub and git through work. I’d like to continue to improve on this.
    • This was also an idea that was further nudged by Tim Hopper at the recent¬†PyData Carolinas conference. Slides.
  • Install linux on computer.
    • I’ve done this several times, but I have a couple of old desktops available. Always a good learning opportunity.
  • Set up encrypted email
  • Databases
  • Markdown
  • Technical documentation
    • Plenty of room for improvement.

I expect list items will be added, removed, and amended.